This is the best place for Rabdi and Kulfi in Wakad PCMC Pune

Kulfi and rabdi in wakad pcmc pune maharashtra
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If you are craving Kulfi or rabdi and live in Wakad PCMC then this place will satisfy all your cravings. Famous rabdi and kulfi is one of the best places for street food in PCMC wakad pune.

The owner of this place is friendly and humble, The purity and taste of the items he sells show how much effort and love he puts into preparing them.

The kulfis are prepared in the traditional way, Huge pots made from iron is filled with crushed ice and salt mixture. Tiny cylindrical pots fille with kulfis are added in the pot and let it rest for sometime. After few hours the kulfis are ready.

This process provides a different texture to the kulfi, if you compare this Kulfi with the one made in modern refrigerators you will feel the difference in texture.

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Famous Kulfi and Rabdi is a small stall where you can eat freshly homemade mawa Kulfi in classic, mango, anjeer, and dry fruit flavor. You can also have rabdi which is so creamy and delicious.

The Rabdi you get here also comes in a few different flavors, my favorite is the sitaphal rabdi. When you take the a spoonful of rabdi you will get the pieces of sitaphal (custard apple) pulp.

If you are looking for the best place for street food in PCMC wakad pune? then make sure to visit this place.


Famous kulfi and rabdi

Utkarsh chowk near pizza hut opposite Paradise building,

Wakad, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411057

Garden seekh kabab | The 20 Years old kabab food cart of Pune camp

Garden seekh kabab is a small food cart that is hard to notice while driving through the route, it is one of the best places to eat mutton seekh kabab in the Pune Camp area.

This food cart serves mouth-watering mutton seekh kebab in the Pune camp area. It is a perfect place to have a quick bite at an affordable price. The mutton seekh kebab at garden seekh kabab is cooked to perfection with homemade spices and herbs. Many other dishes on their menu will make your taste buds happy.

You will get only Goat 🐐 mutton and chicken 🐔

The melt-in-the-mouth seekh kabab is served with sliced onions, lime, fresh strands of mint, and green chutney. I like to eat it by squeezing lime in the green chutney then I dip a piece of kabab in it. I let it soak all the tangy and spicy chutney. After that, I take a ring of diced onion and eat it with the kabab. In the end, I take a bit of the mint leaves. Just as I am writing this my mouth is watering 🤤

My favorite is the Goat mutton seekh kabab, it has no added colors, and the masala is less because of which you will get the meat flavor more, Fat from the goat meat makes it soft and juicy.

Garden seekh kabab is the best seekh kabab in the Pune camp area. I can bet on that 😀 Make sure to give it a try when you are in the Pune camp area.

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Garden Seekh Kebab

827-116, Bootee St, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

Best Keema samosa in Pune | Akhtar Samosa

Watch the video here

Akhtar samosa is located at Saifee Street camp Pune, the amazing thing is that they serve only one kind of dish which is Patti Samosa.

Veg samosa, chicken samosa, mutton keema samosa all these names are all familiar, and I am sure we have heard about them at least once in our life.

They sell a variety of Patti Samosa like

  • Vegetarian Samosa
  • Cheese corn Samosa (sweet corn)
  • Chicken Keema Samosa
  • Chicken cheese Keema Samosa
  • Mutton keema samosa (Goat)
  • Mutton Buff keema samosa (Buffalo)
  • Prawn keema Samosa (The most unique)

In this article, Your Thelocalguide Nadeem will share this amazing outlet that is serving some delicious samosas.

Let’s see what this place offers using Thelocalguide’s cheat sheet

Cheat Sheet

SpecialtyPatti samosa, veg, mutton keema (goat) ,
buff keema (buffalo), chicken, and prawns samosa.
Price Range₹20 – ₹50
Sitting AreaNo
Hygiene LevelGood
SuitabilityFamily, groups, and individuals
Timing7 days a week, 4:00 pm –9:30 pm
Location328, Saifee St, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001
Payment modeAll modes accepted.
Home DeliveryYes

Akhtar Samosa

Akhtar started a few years ago in just a small cart, they used to sell chicken and mutton keema samosa. A few years later they opened this outlet just a few meters away from the original stall.

As you can see there is no seating area at Akhtar samosa. You have to place an order and then once it is given to you you have to stand and eat. Camp is not very friendly with cars so if you visit the camp area in your car then there will be a problem with parking.

So I will recommend you can visit on your two-wheeler and then place the order and cherish the delicious savory juicy samosas.


They have a simple menu and few items on the list. You can check out the menu below.

What is Patti Samosa?

Akhtar samosa sells Patti samosa, They are different from the traditional samosas. The outer layer is made from multi-purpose flour (maida). It is kneaded and then rolled into thin sheets. These sheets are then filled with a mixture of ingredients depending on the type of samosa.

What should you eat?

I tried four varieties of samosa at Akhtar samosa camp. Chicken keema samosa, Mutton keema samosa, Chicken cheese keema samosa, and the best one was prawn samosa. Thelocalguide favorite was the prawn samosa and the Mutton keema samosa.

Mutton Samosa

Mutton Keema samosa was so juicy and the moment I broke it into two pieces, the filling and the juice burst out from the samosa. It cost only 50 rupees and it is worth the price you pay for.

Prawn Samosa

The prawn samosa is my favorite and I can visit this place just for eating this one piece of delicious, savory samosa. The samosa is not only filled with a huge amount of small-sized prawns, but it also has a green-colored masala which has many more things other than prawns. This variety of samosa makes Akhtar samosa different from other stalls.


Akhtar samosa is located on saifee street, camp, Pune. There is another branch located just nearby. I visited this branch many times they are always open.

Akhtar’s samosa

328, Saifee St, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001, India

I hope this article would have provided everything you need to know about Akhtar samosa. Make sure you visit and you can let me know your experience here or on my Facebook page.

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Kake da Hotel | Now Enjoy Delicacies from Delhi in Pune

A brand that is older than McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC and more profitable than the other restaurant brands. A brand that serves authentic Indian food which is tasty healthy than any other restaurant.

This is a story of Kake da hotel.

Kake da hotel was founded in 1931before India Pakistan partition in Lahore Pakistan, it was located on McLane Road. After the partition of India and Pakistan, then it moved to New Delhi. It was a roadside eatery located just opposite the marina hotel near the taxi Stand in Connaught Circus.

In 1976 when three Indo Pak wars had happened India and Pakistan needed a lifeline a symbol of friendship which was the Samjhauta express. This train was linking Delhi to Lahore and it made it possible for the families to visit the two countries.

Kake da Hotel in recognition that Indians and Pakistanis where one people it didn’t build the family is visiting India from Pakistan to it was not just free food it was a symbol of brotherhood and hope.

It has served food to many celebrities And politicians like Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai, Dara Singh and The great Khali To name a few.

Let’s dive in and see what this place has to offer.

Authentic Delhi food served in Pune city

Kake da Hotel open to franchisee model in 2015 After completing its 85 years. Since that Pune has got three branches which are serving the authentic Delhi food right on your plate in the Pune city.

Cheat Sheet

SpecialtyNorth Indian
CuisinePunjabi and Mughlai
Price Range₹25 – ₹755
Sitting AreaYes
Hygiene LevelGood
SuitabilityFamily, groups, and individuals
Timing7 days a week
12–4 pm and 7 pm–12 am
LocationBaner and Viman Nagar
Payment modeAll modes accepted.
Home DeliveryYes

What’s so special?

They serve a famous Dal Makhani which is cooked overnight on the coal which makes it creamy and so delicious that you will not find a Dal makhani like that anywhere else.

Kake da hotel also serves a new kind of starter which is called Dahi ke Bhalle. They are basically bread stuffed with curd, mint, pudhina, and few spices mixed together.

Dahi ka mutton is another special dish which is owned by the kake da hotel. The soft and tender mutton is cooked in the dahi and other spices.

The delicious gravy goes really well with the naan and with the biryani rice which is served with this gravy.

From a wide variety of naan like garlic naan, butter naan, and stuffed naan.

Many items to choose from!


You can choose from a wide range of starters available at the Kake da hotel. On the vegetarian menu, you can choose between a number of kebabs made from Soya Chaap and Paneer.

There are many different types of Soya Chaap kebabs available like Soya Achari chaap, Malai Soya Chaap. They also serve traditional Paneer Tikka, paneer Achari Tikka, paneer Hariyali tikka, paneer malai tikka, and Paneer Tikka Shashlik.

There is a wide range of nonveg starters from which you can choose from like stuffed chicken tandoori leg pieces. This is a new dish which I saw the first time in any restaurant.

The chicken leg piece is stuffed with the minced chicken keema, it is half cooked in the spices and then stuffed back in the leg piece. This is a unique dish which you can try when you visit the kake da hotel.

They also serve Delhi-style biryani which is made by mixing the Biryani rice with the mutton or chicken gravy. This mixture is then put in the handi ( a pot made from clay ) which is sealed with the dough and steamed for 15 minutes.

This is a different kind of biryani which you can try for an experience.


I visited the Kharadi branch of Kake da hotel the hospitality there was really good. I was hosted by the branch owners. Since then there are many branches which have opened.

Kake ka Hotel Kharadi

S.No 6, 2/20, Kharadi South Main Road, Rakshak Nagar, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

Kake Da Hotel – Baner

Shop No 1 & 2, Sai Empire, Baner Rd, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045

if you want to see the video review of this place you can go to this YouTube video in which I have created all the items for which this place is really famous.

Cafe Goodluck | Most Popular Irani cafe of Pune

GoodLuck Cafe is one of the most popular Irani Cafe In Pune Maharashtra India. Popular among the celebrities college students and the local Local people of Pune Cafe Goodluck It is quite common to see a father and a son and a grandson three generations sitting on the same table and enjoying the delicacy which has the same taste through all those years.

This article is all about the good luck Café where I visited recently and tried Their famous dishes. So let’s Start

Cheat Sheet

SpecialityBun Maska, Chai, Keema Pav, Puffs, Bun omelet, etc.
Price Range₹10 – ₹450
Sitting AreaYes
Hygiene LevelGood
SuitabilityFamily, groups, and individuals
Timing7 Days a week, 8 am –11:30 pm
LocationFergusson College Rd, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune
Payment modeAll modes accepted.
Home DeliveryYes

One of the best Irani cafe in Pune

The Irani cuisine is quite famous among the Mumbaikars and Punekars, The items like bun Maska, chai, Egg puff, veg Puff, bun omelet, mutton Keema which burn and the soft slice of bread are only a few of the few dishes which the people from Pune I love to have in the breakfast at good luck cafe. Good luck Cafe was established in 1935 by Hussain Ali Yakshi.

It is one of the most famous places among the youngsters in Pune. You cannot only find the breakfast items but you can also order delicious items.

The wall of the cafe is nothing else but a wooden door that is covered with the Coca-Cola branding and the amazing red color which gives it a unique look.

Not only the food you can find here is historical and delicious, the ambiance of this cafe has been kept the same throughout all these years. When you look at it from the outside it will look like an old cafe.

What’s so special?

Good luck cafe Pune offers a wide range of items on the menu, But they are famous for their bun Maska, Chai, and Keema Pav. When I visited good luck Cafe I asked the waiter to bring the dishes for which this place is famous for and he bought me a wonderful platter of the items as you can see below.

The first thing which I tried here was the Bun Maska with Chai. The bun was very soft and it was having a slightly sweet flavor.

It was not the regular one which we can buy From the stores or the bakery nearby. Also as you can see above there is the bread which is sliced and South along with the tea. All the items are made by a baker Which I am sure that have been associated with the good luck Cafe for a long time.

That is served by them is also really good it is made with pure milk and it doesn’t have any additional things like ginger or cardamom. It is just a plain tea with sugar added for sweetness and it goes really well with the bun Maska!

The Keema pav was also savory and not that spicy which makes it good to have in the breakfast for Non-vegetarians.

The Keema is served With these white slice of bread it is really soft and goes well with the keema.

You can check out the complete menu here.

What else they serve?

Cafe Goodluck Pune serves also serves many items like Tandoori chicken, dal with Naan, and many other items that can be eaten during lunch or dinner. They have many types of Puff available. I tried the egg puff and veg puff which is served with the tomato sauce and it tastes delicious.

Apart from the All these items which you can have in the main course they also have something for those who have sweet tooth. They serve the custard caramel which is a sweets and savoury dish.


Cafe Goodluck is located on the Fergusson College Rd, near Goodluck Chowk, Deccan Gymkhana in Pune city. The complete address is given below.

Cafe Goodluck, Fergusson College Rd, near Goodluck Chowk, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, Maharashtra 411004

You can also watch the food review of good luck cafe in the video as given below.

Geeta Pav bhaji | One of the Best pav bhaji in pune

In this article I will tell you where you can find one of the best pav bhaji in Pune!

It really hard to find someone who doesn’t love Pav bhaji. The deliciousness of spices mixed with a number of vegetables cooked in the sea of butter can’t be disliked.

One of the best Pav Bhaji in Pune

This love for Pav bhaji and the hunger of finding something new and different made me find the Geeta pav bhaji. In this article, I will share everything about Geeta Pav bhaji which is one of the best pav bhaji in Pune. This is one of the best Pav bhaji I had so far. Keeping the authenticity of this dish the second generation of The founder of the Geeta Pav bhaji is adding new dishes.

While they are doing this they are also making sure that the person who is visiting from their college days who now comes with their grandkids feels the nostalgia while having the pav bhaji.

Cheat Sheet

SpecialityPav Bhaji, Pizza, Juices
Price Range₹15 – ₹150
Sitting AreaYes
Hygiene LevelGood
SuitabilityFamily, groups, and individuals
Timing7 Days a week, 8 am –11:30 pm
LocationNigdi, Pune
Payment modeAll modes accepted.
Home DeliveryYes

What’s so special?

Geeta Pav Bhaji is taking this delicious dish to the next level and the secret behind that is the years of experience that goes behind its plate of Pav Bhaji. That is the reason it is on the best pav bhaji places in Pune.

Different options of Pav bhaji to choose from!

Ever heard about mushroom pav bhaji? well you will find that here 😀

There are many versions of Pav bhaji which is available at Geeta Pav Bhaji like Mushroom Pav bhaji, Cheese Pav bhaji, Geeta special pav bhaji, Paneer pav bhaji, Khada Pav bhaji, Khada paneer pav bhaji, Vaishnavi Pav bhaji, and even they have Jain Pav bhaji for our Jain brothers and sister 🙂

My favourite is the Mushroom pav bhaji which has the good ness of their regular pav bhaji with the sliced mushrooms which gives a different dimension to the pav bhaji.

What else they serve?

While they are famous for their Pav bhaji they do serve lots of different items like pulao, different options from juices, milkshakes, pizza, Tea, and Coffee.

Geeta Pav bhaji serves different variety of drinks which includes juices and milkshakes you can order as per your preference and they will serve fresh to you.

The pizza they serve here is delicious, the crust is soft and crunchy at the same time. The pizza sauce is also made in house which makes the pizza their own yet different from what we get in other places.

Different variety of pulao is served here which goes really well with Pav Bhaji. The price is also affordable if you are looking for a full meal that I will suggest you to have a plate of Pav Bhaji and pulav.

If you talk about the desert section that they have delicious rabdi which is nothing else but the condensed milk which is sweet and savory.

I really like the coffee which they serve here. It is frothy, little bit sweet version of the coffee. I remember we used to crave for this type of coffee and they were only served in the marriage functions that used to happen in the winter seasons.

apart from these items they also serve the regular idli dosa which I believe you should only eat if you are really craving for otherwise, I will suggest you try the Pav bhaji 😀


Located in the Nigdi, Pimpri Chinchwad of Pune the Geeta pav bhaji is easily accessible. If you are living in Pune city then you have to travel for around 21 Kilometer towards Nigdi visit Geeta Pav Bhaji.

Geeta Pav Bhaji, Plot No 397, Sector No. 24, Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak Rd, opposite Lokmanya Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra 411044, India

if you want to see the video review of this place you can go to this YouTube video which I have created all the items for which this place is really famous.

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