Sharma Ice Cream and Pav Bhaji serves ice cream which you will not find anywhere else in Pune, Want to know more about it then read on!

This local gem is famous for its signature Chili-Guava Ice Cream. Yes, you read that right! Sweet guava ice cream🍨 topped with a sprinkle of chili powder 🌶️ creates a flavor explosion that will tantalize your taste buds.

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Beyond the Expected:

Pune’s street food scene is renowned for its varities and unique food items. From the ever-popular Misal Pav to the comforting poha, there’s something for every palate. But Chili-Guava Ice Cream offers something truly out-of-the-box. It’s a testament to Pune’s adventurous culinary spirit and the city’s love for innovative street food experiences.

A Symphony of Flavors:

Don’t let the chili powder scare you off! It’s not a fiery heat, but rather a gentle warmth that complements the sweetness of the guava perfectly. The contrasting textures – the smooth ice cream against the crunchy salt crystals sprinkled on top – add another layer of intrigue to this unique dessert. It is one of those items of Pune Street food which you did not like to miss.

Sharma Pav Bhaji and Ice cream:

Of course, Sharma’s isn’t just about the chili-guava. They offer a variety of other ice cream flavors to satisfy any craving. But if you’re looking for a truly Pune street food adventure, the chili-guava is a must-try! This place has more to offers which we will explore in another article.

Head over to Nigdi Pradhikaran, Pune, and prepare to have your taste buds amazed by the iconic chili-guava ice cream and explore the city’s other culinary gems!

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Here’s how to find Sharma’s:


Sharma Ice Cream and Pav Bhaji

Sector 25 Pradhikaran Nigdi Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra 411044