Naneghat Waterfall

Imagine you are at top of the hill, the ground is covered with lush greenery. The floor is full of green thick grass and the grass is covered with water droplets. Tiny drops of water are falling from the sky, but then you look at the sky, but it’s not raining. I welcome you at Reverse waterfall Naneghat Pune here the water flows up in the SKY!

Let’s know about this place in detail, Thelocalguide will give you the virtual tour!

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Reverse waterfall of Naneghat Pune

Cheat Sheet

Distance124KM From Pune City
Time Taken3h 24 Min (one way)
Travel ModeCar or Bike
Road ConditionGood
Best SeasonMonsoon season
Best Time7 AM To 4 PM
Toll ChargesNo Tolls
Hotels | Dhaba | RestaurantsYes
Entry Fees₹0
ActivitiesPicnic and Sightseeing
StayAirbnb homestays


If you are leaving from Pune then you can go from the route as shown below. It passes through Peth, Manchar, Junnar, and Chawand. The road condition is good for driving both car and bike.

You will find a number of petrol pumps, restaurants, and Dhaba on the way.

Time Taken

If you leave early in the morning from Pune and you take a few breaks then you can easily reach in 4 hours. The time taken to reach without any break is 3 hours 30 minutes. I will suggest you leave early morning around 7 to 8 a.m. Take a few stops for breakfast etc. And you can easily do a round trip in one day.

Travel Mode

The best way to travel to Reverse waterfall Naneghat Pune is a car. Since the best season is the rainy season you will face intermittent rain falls in between the journey.

our car on the way Reverse waterfall Naneghat Pune

If you travel on a bike, you can easily get wet, but if people travel by car you can keep some stuff for a picnic and also you will be warm and safe from the rainfall.

I went to Naneghat reverse waterfall in a car with my friends and it was quite a comfortable journey it was raining in between so we were quite comfortable.

Road Condition

The road condition is good only the last stretch passing through junnar is narrow and bumpy.


Other than that the road condition is really good and you can easily go by car or bike.

Best Season

No doubt the best season to visit Naneghat reverse waterfall is the monsoon season. The beauty of this place can be seen when water starts falling from the sky, the winds start to flow at high speed.

Best Time

If you are coming from Pune or Mumbai then make sure you leave early in the morning. Junnar is far from the city, it takes around 4 hours to reach there. If you leave early and reach there by 12 PM then you can easily explore the place and can return by 4 PM.

Toll Charges

You will not find any toll gates, You can enjoy a toll-free road on the journey.


I took break at the Vitthal Kamath for breakfast.

breakfast before Reverse waterfall Naneghat Pune

Entry Fees

There is no entry fee so no need to worry about that.


The place is safe you can easily visit with your kids, friends, and family. But I will suggest leaving before the sunset as it is located on the outskirts and it will be quite dark after the evening.

One more thing you should take care of is you should not allow your kids to go away from you. There is the risk of falling down as there are no barricades at the cliff of the hill.


There is ample space for parking the car and bike. There are no charges for parking as well.


There are few hotels located at the entry point of the hill but I didn’t find any washroom facility. If you get the natures call then find a spot where you can do it privately 😛


This view is worth visiting this place apart from enjoying this mesmerizing scene you can do many more activities.

standing near Reverse waterfall of Naneghat Pune

Once you park your car and start trekking towards the reverse waterfall point you will be greeted by views like these.

The place is so scenic that you can click number of breathtaking pictures for posting on your social media profiles.


There are no government-approved stay options available near Naneghat reverse waterfall but you can choose from the number of Airbnb homestays.