Kondeshwar Waterfall

Kondeshwar temple is located in Jambhavali Maharashtra, the waterfall originates from the hill located a few km away from the temple. The waterfall pass from behind the temple. This place is mesmerizing in the monsoon season. As the elevation is high during the monsoon season the mix of clouds and fog cover the hills.

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Kondeshwar waterfall is the closest hill station experience you can get from Pune and a memorable one from Mumbai. Kondeshwar temple and the kondeshwar waterfall are located next to each other. This is a place where you can pray to the temple and enjoy the cool stream of waterfalls in a single trip. let’s know everything about it in this blog post.

kondeshwar waterfall-kondeshwar mandir-Thelocalguide

In the rainy season, the flow of the waterfall is full and you can enjoy the cool water with your family. It is the best place to click pictures and videos for your Instagram and Facebook posts.

At a glance

Distance68 km From Pune City
122 km away from Mumbai
Time Taken2hr min from Pune
2hr 46 min from Mumbai
Travel ModeCar or Bike
Road ConditionGood
Best SeasonMonsoon
Best Time7 AM To 5 PM
Toll Charges1 Toll from Pune
2 from Mumbai
Hotels | Dhaba | RestaurantsYes
Entry Fees₹0
ActivitiesPicnic and Sightseeing


The distance from Mumbai to Kondeshwar waterfall is double as compared to Pune. In order to reach Kondeshwar waterfall, you have to take a turn towards Kamshet. You will reach a wonderful location Uksan lake which I have covered in my vlog. then you have to keep moving straight till you reach the Tata power plant. The kondeshwar temple is located a few kilometers from there.

Distance from Pune

Distance from Mumbai

Time Taken

Kondeshwar mandir and kondeshwar waterfall are located near Pune as compared to Mumbai city. Since the distance is double from Mumbai as compared to Pune, it will take 3h 24 Min from Mumbai and 1hr 57 min from Pune.

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Travel Mode

It is better to travel by car during the monsoon season because you will be able to enjoy the road, rainfall, and drive in fog. When I visited this place I went on a bike but I had a full-body raincoat which saved me from getting wet. I am recommending a car because you can keep extra clothes, food, a flask with hot tea or coffee as per your choice.

It is just much more convenient. If you want to drive your bike then this road is just amazing but make sure you are prepared for rain.

Road Condition

I would say the road condition is really good. Only when you are just about to reach Kondeshwar waterfalls, in the last patch of around 1 1/2 km. It is not the smoothest road you will ever get but it’s okay for driving the car or bike.

road condition kondeshwar waterfall

Best Season

The best season to visit the kondeshwar waterfall is the monsoon. At this time the hills are covered with clouds, the rain gives birth to the waterfall which becomes the river that you see while traveling here. The post-monsoon season is also a good choice as you can enjoy the cold weather and lush greenery.

ondeshwar waterfall-kondeshwar mandir-Thelocalguide

You enter Kamshet you will see the lush greenery everywhere, the paddy fields, and the windmills far on the hills. Taking a break near these fields and soaking in the views is another thing you can do.

kamshet windmills
people enjoying in kondeshwar waterfall-kondeshwar mandir-Thelocalguide

You can go to the source of the waterfall and click some amazing pictures like this. The water is chilled but comfortable enough to take a dip in it.

kondeshwar waterfall-kondeshwar mandir-Thelocalguide

You can also visit and pray at the Temple which is located here. Kondeshwar mandir is visited by many pilgrims, they come here to pray from all over Maharashtra. The locals also perform aarti daily at the temple.

Best Time

If you are coming from Pune or Mumbai then make sure you leave early in the morning. It takes around 4 hours to reach there. If you leave early and reach there by 12 PM then you can easily explore the place and can return by 5 PM.

Toll Charges

From Pune, you will have to pay a toll at one of the toll plazas which comes just after Talegaon. I am not sure how many toll plazas you pass while coming from Mumbai. But I will update soon.

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