Buka Lake

It is one of the unseen and unsung places of Chhattisgarh, It is one of the many places about which very few people are aware. Buka Island is located on the banks of the Hasdeo river which flows across the Korba.

If you are planning to visit Buka lake then check out the cheat sheet which will help you in planning your trip, for more details on each topic click on the description title.

Cheat Sheet

Distance66.6KM From Korba City
Time Taken1h 50 Min (One Side)
Travel ModeCar Or Bike
Road ConditionGood
Best SeasonWinter
Best Time7 AM To 4 PM
Toll ChargesNo Tolls
Entry Fees₹50
ActivitiesBoating And Picnic
StayNot Available


There are two different paths among which you can choose from

  • Devpehri road
  • Korba Katghora Bypass

Google maps direction from korba

I will suggest you take the Korba Katghora bypass because the road condition is really good and it is the shorter one (only 66.6KM) among the two.

Time Taken

It will take you around 1-2 hours to reach the Buka lake. The road condition is amazing, you will pass lemru where the silk sarees are made also you can take an out stop at peda wala to enjoy the hot pedas made by the

Travel Mode

You can travel via car or bike. we took the car and it was very comfortable for us! As you can see in the picture below this is the entrance of the Buka Lake and the road is smooth like butter.

buka lake by car thelocalguide

Road Condition

The road till Dindolbhatta is not perfect it is full of potholes, dust and it is quite narrow. That is only for a few km after that once you join the Korba Katghora bypass the road becomes really smooth and it is the same till Buka lake.


Best Season

The best time to visit Buka lake is in the winter season. Also, visit in the summer rainy season as well but I think the winter season will be perfect because there will be enough water and you can really enjoy the boating.


Best Time

The best time to visit the Buka Lake is after during afternoon, we left for Buka lake at 9 AM and reached there by 11 AM.

Toll Charges

You will not find any toll gates on the way to Buka lake. You can enjoy a toll-free road on the journey.

Entry Fees

entry fees in buka lake

Buka Lake is one of the unseen and unsung places of Chhattisgarh, It is one of the many places about which very fewer people are aware. Buka is located on the banks of the Hasdeo river which flows across the Korba.


Buka lake is a safe place for family trips, tips with your friends. There is a guest house which is owned by a government where you can have snacks, although I didn’t see any policeman there, you can visit during the morning time not in the evening so that you can return in the sunlight.


This is the space as you can see in the picture below is at the front of the entrance of Buka lake Jal vihar. Here you can park your vehicle like a car or bike and if you want you can take your car to the end of the lake and you can park it there as well.


There is a canteen which serves fresh snacks and hot tea the people who work here lives are the caretakers of this place.


The washroom is available near the buka lake entry office. The condition is worse there is no water and cleanliness. I doubt that the animals of the jungle may be using them. You can watch them in the video. pun intended lol.


This place offers Boating, sightseeing, picnic, and horse riding but among all these activities the one which stands out is boating in ₹1500 (fifteen hundred Indian rupees). There are two different sizes of boats but in the bigger one as you can see below it can easily accommodate 15 adults.

horse ride at the buka lake
boat at the buka lake

These diesel-powered boats take you around the lake for a full 30 minutes and around 5 km journey. This is one of the unique experience which will make you feel like you are in a sea surrounded by small islands.



There is no option available to stay for common people like us. There is a place for staying but that is only available for the government officers.

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