Sagni ghat is one of the places about which I found when my whole family went on a picnic in the rainy season in the month of July many years back when I was a kid, Although I am still a child deep in my heart anyways back to sagni ghat.

Sagni ghat is located in Dhamdha Durg district of Chhattisgarh. The distance from the Durg railway station is 24 KM and 21 KM from Bhilai. You can enjoy the road covered with trees, the village side and an anicut made on two river meets. You can even take your car or bike to cross the river.

anicut at sagni ghat

Cheat Sheet

Distance24 KM From Bhilai City
Time Taken 38 Min (one way)
Travel ModeCar or Bike
Road ConditionGood
Best SeasonAll
Best Time7 AM To 4 PM
Toll ChargesNo Tolls
Entry Fees₹0
ActivitiesPicnic and Sightseeing
StayNot Available


You have to take the Durg – Bemetara Rd/Durg – Dhamdha Rd towards kodia on the national highway 7 NH7

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Time Taken

It will take you around 1 hour to reach the sagni ghat, the traffic is very less as compared to the city but you will see a few passenger buses on the way.

Travel Mode

The distance is very less so if you are going with your friends or alone you can go by bike and if you are going with your family then go in the car.

Road Condition

The road belongs to the national highway 7 NH7 and due to which the condition is very good. It will not give you bumps. The road just before the river bank is made up of gravels which becomes muddy in the rainy season, so if you are taking your car with the low ground clearance then you need to be a bit careful.

This is the how the road looks like.

Best Season

The best season to visit sagni heart is winter and summer you can also visit in rainy season but you have to pace high water flow and it will become dangerous especially you if you are having kids with you.

So if you ask your Thelocalguide i will suggest you to visit in summer and winter season.

Best Time

The dawn is the morning time sunrise time is the best time to visit this place because the scenery so amazing you can enjoy the road,

you can also see the fishermen putting or taking the fishing from the river.

Toll Charges

There are no tolls you can enjoy a toll-free journey to this place.


There are many small stalls you will see on the way to Sagni ghat, You can enjoy snacks like Samosa with kadi and hot tea. But I would suggest you have snacks at the stall which is located at the bank of the river.

what you can eat at sagni ghat
moong dal vada at the sagni ghat

Here you will buy hot pakodas, mirchi bjahiya, pyaz pakoda, moong dal vada and samosa with kadi.

hot tea at the sagni ghat

They also serve tea made from fresh milk which is sourced from the village.

Entry Fees

The entry is free and you can take your car or bike without paying any charges.


The place is safe and it is just a few kilometers away from the main NH7 highway, The villagers are helping in nature so there will not be an issue. The only danger is from the river itself. Take a bath only if you know how to swim don’t jump in the river because it is deep, you can also see snakes in them. Be extra careful if you are visiting with kids to pay attention to them.


Play the sample space to park your vehicles at the bank of the river so don’t worry about that you can park your car or bike and the bonus point is you will get shade from the trees.

parking space at sagni ghat


If you get nature’s call then you have to do it under the tree because there are no toilets nearby.


You can do a picnic, sightseeing or you can take a dip in the fresh and cool water of the river. The water flow is really really high so if you’re planning to take a dip in the river so make sure you know how to swim.

You can see villagers fishing using the small nets, the kids taking bath in the river. just like these, I asked them to do a small skit for me and that went really well. see yourself!

villagers fishing at sagni ghat
villagers taking fishing net out at sagni ghat

This is how fast the flow of water is, that is why i am asking you to be careful if you want to take a dip in the river.


There is no option to stay and i don’t think there is a need to so come at the morning and leave during the afternoon.