GoodLuck Cafe is one of the most popular Irani Cafe In Pune Maharashtra India. Popular among the celebrities college students and the local Local people of Pune Cafe Goodluck It is quite common to see a father and a son and a grandson three generations sitting on the same table and enjoying the delicacy which has the same taste through all those years.

This article is all about the good luck Café where I visited recently and tried Their famous dishes. So let’s Start

Cheat Sheet

SpecialityBun Maska, Chai, Keema Pav, Puffs, Bun omelet, etc.
Price Range₹10 – ₹450
Sitting AreaYes
Hygiene LevelGood
SuitabilityFamily, groups, and individuals
Timing7 Days a week, 8 am –11:30 pm
LocationFergusson College Rd, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune
Payment modeAll modes accepted.
Home DeliveryYes

One of the best Irani cafe in Pune

The Irani cuisine is quite famous among the Mumbaikars and Punekars, The items like bun Maska, chai, Egg puff, veg Puff, bun omelet, mutton Keema which burn and the soft slice of bread are only a few of the few dishes which the people from Pune I love to have in the breakfast at good luck cafe. Good luck Cafe was established in 1935 by Hussain Ali Yakshi.

It is one of the most famous places among the youngsters in Pune. You cannot only find the breakfast items but you can also order delicious items.

The wall of the cafe is nothing else but a wooden door that is covered with the Coca-Cola branding and the amazing red color which gives it a unique look.

Cafe Goodluck Pune India- ambiance

Not only the food you can find here is historical and delicious, the ambiance of this cafe has been kept the same throughout all these years. When you look at it from the outside it will look like an old cafe.

Cafe Goodluck Pune India-sitting area
Cafe Goodluck Pune India-sitting area

What’s so special?

Good luck cafe Pune offers a wide range of items on the menu, But they are famous for their bun Maska, Chai, and Keema Pav. When I visited good luck Cafe I asked the waiter to bring the dishes for which this place is famous for and he bought me a wonderful platter of the items as you can see below.

Cafe Goodluck Pune India-all famous items

The first thing which I tried here was the Bun Maska with Chai. The bun was very soft and it was having a slightly sweet flavor.

Cafe Goodluck Pune India- bun maska

It was not the regular one which we can buy From the stores or the bakery nearby. Also as you can see above there is the bread which is sliced and South along with the tea. All the items are made by a baker Which I am sure that have been associated with the good luck Cafe for a long time.

That is served by them is also really good it is made with pure milk and it doesn’t have any additional things like ginger or cardamom. It is just a plain tea with sugar added for sweetness and it goes really well with the bun Maska!

Cafe Goodluck Pune India-tea

The Keema pav was also savory and not that spicy which makes it good to have in the breakfast for Non-vegetarians.

Cafe Goodluck Pune India-keema pav

The Keema is served With these white slice of bread it is really soft and goes well with the keema.

You can check out the complete menu here.

What else they serve?

Cafe Goodluck Pune serves also serves many items like Tandoori chicken, dal with Naan, and many other items that can be eaten during lunch or dinner. They have many types of Puff available. I tried the egg puff and veg puff which is served with the tomato sauce and it tastes delicious.

veg puff
egg puff

Apart from the All these items which you can have in the main course they also have something for those who have sweet tooth. They serve the custard caramel which is a sweets and savoury dish.


Cafe Goodluck is located on the Fergusson College Rd, near Goodluck Chowk, Deccan Gymkhana in Pune city. The complete address is given below.

Cafe Goodluck, Fergusson College Rd, near Goodluck Chowk, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, Maharashtra 411004

You can also watch the food review of good luck cafe in the video as given below.